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About Us

Value Tool & Engineering Inc. was founded in 1997It started as a Tool & Die shop with a focus on High Quality Tool Gages and Fixtures. Primarily for the Aerospace Industry.

Now, almost two decades later, Value Tool & Engineering builds more than 70,000 custom Tools and parts for customers throughout the world. 

Value's vision is as a team, and in partnership with our customers, employees and suppliers is to continue to serve in the aerospace business segment. Where the products we produce are appreciated for their high value and quality. At the same focusing on continuous improvement by our training, lead-time reduction and leveraging vendors supply chains. These efforts will help us grow as our customers grow and to continue to better serve them so we can sustain our Valued Partnerships.

Our Mission

Value Tool & Engineering is a manufacturing company with an overall focus on Quality and Service to its Customers. We believe that this is accomplished through hard work, training, and the willingness to change and explore new ways to manufacture, while maintaining our focus on our Customers and the quality of the products we manufacture.

Meet the Team

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